“Janet was able to challenge my beliefs and values and made me understand that the only person I can change is myself. I was surprised I was so open to coaching, leaving every session feeling positive and energetic. At first some of the exercises really put me out of my comfort zone but I came to enjoy this and had quite a few “ah-ha” moments where I realised this is why I did certain things and how I can improve how I go about my life. Her insightful and caring comments and professional attitude allowed me to develop at my own pace with complete trust in her integrity.


Janet’s coaching has enabled me to grow exponentially in confidence and commitment to creating the life I want. She helped me to establish my beliefs & core values – by understanding what is important to me, she has helped me retain focus and balance both professionally and in my personal life. I have learnt skills and techniques (my toolbox) that I use daily both in business and in my personal life. The changes in me have not gone unnoticed by my work colleagues


By the last session I was satisfied I knew where I was heading and was empowered and confident to go forward and work towards my desired life style.”

Senior VP, Technology Company, Cambridge



“Prior to Janet’s involvement, I felt the various issues being faced on a daily basis were slowing progress in the business overall, if not stopping it. However, as a result of working on a one-to-one basis with Janet, I feel my confidence and awareness has increased, with the biggest impact being the realisation that behavioural cycles can be changed.”

Managing Director, Engineering Company



“From the start of our session Janet made me feel at ease and relaxed. In a small business where we all have many responsibilities, with my role as a Consultant and Manager getting busier each day, I needed to put together a structure to ensure each role was being worked effectively and allowing me to excel in each area. Janet’s neutral, outside view allowed me to strip down all the issues and work through each one and everything became a lot clearer!  Janet’s positive, encouraging and result-orientated coaching has given me the tools to work towards my goals. I found the session very enjoyable and supportive yet focused on setting clear workable targets”

Senior Consultant, Sales and Marketing Consultancy



“My personal coaching programme has enabled me to recognise and celebrate my strengths and manage my weaknesses. I feel more in control of my career and my work-life balance.”

Manager, SME



“For me, personally, the life planning element of the programme was fantastic.  It gave me the opportunity to scope out the greater goals and aspirations I had and the way in which my working life and career need to drive, and reflect, those goals.  I can honestly say that it changed my life for the better.”

CEO, Third Sector Organisation



“As someone who myself works in the field of personal development, I tend not to be easily impressed by other coaches. However, I cannot recommend highly enough the approach and skills of Janet Henson-Webb in this capacity. Her unhurried, insightful questioning really did get me thinking differently about aspects of my life and work. Even more importantly, I’ve actually made many positive changes rather than just intending to make them! Janet was brimming with what seemed to be simple, practical suggestions and reflections.However, now that many of these have become inculcated into the way I deal with life and work, I realise that her easy style belies the profundity of what she has helped me to achieve.


If you want a highly personalised, practical and flexible approach, provided by a particularly insightful person, who eschews jargon in favour of a refreshingly direct style and whose good-humour and optimism is infectious, then she’s the person to contact!”

DM, Personal Development Specialist