HR Essentials

for those seeking to lay sound foundations for the HR aspects of their business.  Key areas include techniques and tools to make informed recruitment and selection decisions, recruitment project management, psychometric and profiling tools, appraisal and development needs analysis. HR Essentials components are usually completed on a project by project basis as and when the client requires assistance in a specific area.

HR Troubleshooting

for organisations who suspect they have a performance, morale or motivation issue but aren’t certain if this is fact or supposition. Alternatively for organisations who know they have a HR-related problem but are uncertain as to how to address it. My analyses and recommendations separate the root causes from the symptoms and provide a range of practical, low-cost solutions for action in the short-, medium- and longer-term.

HR Support Service

providing support to the person with in-house HR responsibilities, assisting with guidance and advice by telephone, email or in person – on- or off-site.  This can be on a project or ad hoc basis over a pre-determined period of time.  It avoids HR and line managers having to reinvent the wheel and, with input from an experienced HR practitioner, an organisation can avoid pitfalls and bear traps along the way which the unwary fall into.

Organisational Development & Restructure

for companies seeking to move towards optimal performance in an ever-changing business climate. This can involve cultural change, redefining roles, management development, managing change, managing performance and motivation and, if necessary, outplacement.