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Chief Exec of major publishing firm leaves during restructure

Bob Sauerberg the chief executive of Conde Nast Publisher, decides to quit his job in order  to chase other prospects. The news about Sauerberg leaving his job was confirmed by Conde Nast. Sauerberg spend about 18 years in the media industry working for the company. This is a considerably a long period of time for a given career. Conde Nast is a company that deals with publications in areas such as Vogue, GQ and New Yorker. The company also prints the glamour Magazine.

The news about Sauerberg decision to leave his job comes after the company plans to merge its administration in the US with global operations. This information was first availed to the public through a global mail by the chairman and the principal executive of Conde Nast International Jonathan Newhouse, with a new focus on executive search consultancy in part.

According to the statement of the company, the restructure of Conde Nast will aid the firm in achieving its goals and objectives. This will be made possible through various techniques. First and foremost, the provision of high quality journalism services is one main agenda of the plan. Secondly, the main focus is to deliver great values and experiences to the audience and lastly offering enhanced quality with regards to partnerships and promotions. This will collectively ensure it achieves its goals. Furthermore, the company had more strategies to use for its success in addition to the preceding ones. An added idea for venturing in global operations was meant to assist in new opportunity generation in terms of team work enhancement between coworkers of the firm around the globe.

The company registered its acknowledgement of the fact that they will miss the services of their chief executive. According to Newhouse, the principal executive of Conde international, Sauerberg, during his 18 years of work at Conde Nast has aided greatly in directing the company all through its transformation processes. His resignation comes amid significant changes when the company was shifting from national to international operations. Newhouse further said that although the company will lose Sauerberg during this vital transformation period, he anticipates that every activity of the company will operate in a normal way and every daily business activity will be done as usual without any difficulties in the decision making process.

After Sauerberg’s decision to leave his office as the chief executive, the company said that it has already launched a new hunt for another executive officer with vast world wide experience in leadership. The company will have some few changes with regards to leadership as Jonathan Newhouse will be the head of board of directors and surrender his current position as Conde Nast International principal executive. A success of a company will rely on coming up with quick decisions concerning any emergency that needs to be attended to and never giving up or losing the morale in order to achieve the desired set goals.

In the previous week Conde Nast publisher had announced its new intention that will majorly focus on digital contents and abandoning the print of glamour Magazine edition.