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Bob Sauerberg the chief executive of Conde Nast Publisher, decides to quit his job in order  to chase other prospects. The news about Sauerberg leaving his job was confirmed by Conde Nast. Sauerberg spend about 18 years in the media industry working for the company. This is a considerably a long period of time for a given career. Conde Nast is a company that deals with publications in areas such as Vogue, GQ and New Yorker. The company also prints the glamour Magazine.

The news about Sauerberg decision to leave his job comes after the company plans to merge its administration in the US with global operations. This information was first availed to the public through a global mail by the chairman and the principal executive of Conde Nast International Jonathan Newhouse, with a new focus on executive search consultancy in part.

According to the statement of the company, the restructure of Conde Nast will aid the firm in achieving its goals and objectives. This will be made possible through various techniques. First and foremost, the provision of high quality journalism services is one main agenda of the plan. Secondly, the main focus is to deliver great values and experiences to the audience and lastly offering enhanced quality with regards to partnerships and promotions. This will collectively ensure it achieves its goals. Furthermore, the company had more strategies to use for its success in addition to the preceding ones. An added idea for venturing in global operations was meant to assist in new opportunity generation in terms of team work enhancement between coworkers of the firm around the globe.

The company registered its acknowledgement of the fact that they will miss the services of their chief executive. According to Newhouse, the principal executive of Conde international, Sauerberg, during his 18 years of work at Conde Nast has aided greatly in directing the company all through its transformation processes. His resignation comes amid significant changes when the company was shifting from national to international operations. Newhouse further said that although the company will lose Sauerberg during this vital transformation period, he anticipates that every activity of the company will operate in a normal way and every daily business activity will be done as usual without any difficulties in the decision making process.

After Sauerberg’s decision to leave his office as the chief executive, the company said that it has already launched a new hunt for another executive officer with vast world wide experience in leadership. The company will have some few changes with regards to leadership as Jonathan Newhouse will be the head of board of directors and surrender his current position as Conde Nast International principal executive. A success of a company will rely on coming up with quick decisions concerning any emergency that needs to be attended to and never giving up or losing the morale in order to achieve the desired set goals.

In the previous week Conde Nast publisher had announced its new intention that will majorly focus on digital contents and abandoning the print of glamour Magazine edition.

Insolvency Practitioner

If your unfamiliar with Patisserie Valerie, then right off the bat, you should know that they are a chain of cafés that specializes in making hand-made cakes, and they operate in the United King-dom. But, pastries aren’t the main issue here, when the grander matter at hand centers on the fact that Patisserie Valerie narrowly avoids liquidation, which is a serious matter to take into account. That’s right, according to an article in the Guardian, Patisserie Valerie had admitted to needing an injection of capital. This came as a result of the pastry chain having begun suspending its own shares. Because of this occurrence, the company, which is valued at about £450m, currently around $578m, is now uncertain as to whether or not it is even capable of paying any of the three thousand people it has employed, which is rather tragic.

It was also revealed that HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) issued a wind-up order, which came as the result of an unpaid one million pound tax bill to Patisserie Valerie. Also on October 11th, it was revealed by the board that the company was acknowledging that it certainly needed new funds even though no specific number has been stated, in order to continue in its trading process, avoiding the process of winding up a company in the UK.‌ ‌

All of what’s been happening to Patisserie Valerie is really no surprise, given that there has been a differentiation between the companies reported financial status, compared to what should’ve actually been reported. But nonetheless, Patisserie Valerie has come out and said that it has been assessing the options it has available at its disposal. They most certainly want to keep the business in a state where the trading process can continue and even update itself with regards to the market as time progresses. However, it seems as though based on the recent track records of business managed by Patisserie Valerie, it doesn’t seem like that will go very well either.

Because of this rather seemingly irresponsible means of business handling, there wouldn’t be much of a surprise if any of the other restaurants under Luke Johnson, who is Patisserie Valerie’s chairman, were to follow on the same road as the ninety-two year company has, despite the suc-cess it has flourished in over the past century since it’s inception back in the year 1926. But then again, that’s what happens when you are caught red-handed, and as a result of covering up messy tracks, you get handed with more crippling penalties that only serve to further illustrate the means of which you mismanaged the affair.

In conclusion, you don’t have to be a business expert to understand how a business operates be-cause at the end of the day, the key thing to take into account, is the matter of how information is exchanged and properly organized. As stated before, because Patisserie Valerie reported false financial information, while at the same time owing a lot of money, shows just how much it really set itself up for a road that would very much cost it the empire it had risen to. Ninety-two years and a value that exceeds over five hundred million dollars is indeed something to accomplish.

The rumors of how Patisserie Valerie could go out of business for such irresponsible business de-cisions essentially works as a lesson for any business or business owners out there that if you plan to stay at the top, then you have to earn it by being both efficient and responsible in the way you manage your affairs. For more information on Patisserie Valerie as well as cases of a similar na-ture, you can look at the links down below to have a better understanding.

HR Habits

Set Clear Goals:
Knowing where you’re going in any business is very important and it plays part in aiding a smooth transition. As you set goals, ensure the HR department does the same in order to realise a digital transformation. Consider, what you want to achieve, the past and experience you’ve had and strategies to employ.

Do not, however, aim for perfection immediately you set these goals since that is not achievable right away and will only set you up for failure. Pitfalls should be things you should expect as you continually improve. While working closely with the experts driving the transformation to encourage your employees to interface with the new technology and about the reality when it goes live. This ensures your staff gets proper training that will suit even the new users coming in to interact with the new technology without having to read big manuals.

Consider Change Management and Invest in it:
Evaluate the process of change itself. Remember how a transition is communicated and rolled out to workers determines very much success or failure. You might wish to go live at the beginning of the fiscal year but think about the new policies, procedures and products that come in and challenge employees. It would be wise to wait for a less busy time. You should communicate a change to your employees but don’t kill your project before you even launch it by over-communicating, which destroys employee excitement. Ensure you follow through what you communicate to make the employees take the transformation seriously.

Your communication should include key influencers within your company. Make sure both the formal and informal leaders within the business are on board. These can help with the change-management process. Throughout the digital transition journey or process, key influencers aid employees in gaining a sense of ownership, which in turn significantly drives adoption rates.

Yes, set goals and follow experts’ guidance in a digital transformation but remember to measure twice. Measure yourself against the goals you set. This will help you with the plan you have in place to achieve success. re-evaluating also helps you to measure success. This way you can know what way to follow even working with key leaders to hold yourself accountable to those goals.

You shouldn’t be afraid to stop any HR solutions process if you can’t see the results you had hoped for. This should not be an issue to you since you get to save time and money instead of a pursuing a non-workable plan. Measuring success and failure can help you to be well prepared for the other transitions in the future. With a successful, easy, smooth and more efficient digital transformation, you could achieve a lot in your firm. So consider the above points for any type of digital transformation you might have for your organisation. As you introduce a new software or employ technologies to come up with new ways of doing business follow advice from professionals to help you realise your company’s goals.